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Taxi and Taxi Stations in Rome Italy

Although traffic is not always the most fluid in Rome, a taxi is often the best and fastest way to get from one point to another when your departure or arrival location is not served by a metro or requires you to make several changes by bus or tram.

There are many taxi stations in Rome and you also have the right to beech them on the street outside the resorts, which most Romans do.

And here the taxis are “white”!

Taxis Call Number in Rome

Call Number : 060609

Bus Airports ↔ Rome

Smartphone Tickets Accepted
FiumicinoRome Centre €7  → 
Airport Ciampino ↔ Rome €6  → 

Taxis Fiumicino ↔ Rome

Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Private TaxiHotel €100 (dor 2)  → 

Fiumicino Train - Rome

Smartphone Tickets Accepted
Leonardo Express Train €18  → 

Taxi Stations in Central Rome

Piazza Barberini n°23 in front of the hotel Bernini Bristol
Piazza Della Madonna Di Loreto in front of Milite Ignoto n°17/26
Via Cavour n°213m in front of the hotel Palatino
Piazza Indipendenza n°24
Piazza Di Spagna n°52-54
Piazza Di Spagna n°93
Via Liberiana n°18
Piazza San Carlo Al Corso at the angle Via Del Grottino in front of the hotel Plaza
Piazza Albania n°35
Via Campania angle Via Veneto
Via Ludovisi n°49 in front of the hotel Eden
Largo Carlo Goldoni n°43 angle Via Tomacelli
Largo Degli Schiavoni angle Via Tomacelli
Piazza Della Repubblica n°10
Via Nazionale n°194 in front of Palazzo Delle Esposizioni
Via Marsala n°42 Entrance to the station
Via Giolitti n°10 Entrance to the station
Piazza Di Porta San Giovanni Fr. Basilica Bus Stop
Piazza Del Colosseo Metro Station angle Via Clivio Di Acilio
Piazza Venezia n°13/15
Piazza Delle Cinque Lune n°109 angle Piazza Tor Sanguigna
Piazza Della Rotonda Via Della Rotonda n°21/26
Piazza Della Minerva
Piazza Pasquale Paoli n°1
Largo Chigi n°12
Piazza Di Porta Maggiore in front of Via Di Porta Maggiore
Piazza Della Trinita' De' Monti n°18 in front of the hotel Hassler
Piazza Dei Cinquecento in front of Roma Termini Station
Piazza Del Popolo n°6 et 18 in front of the Canova Bar
Piazza Della Chiesa Nuova n°27-28
Piazza San Pantaleo n°2 à 5
Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando in front of the hotel St. Regis
Largo Di Torre Argentina in front of Corso Vittorio Emanuele n°10
Via Boncompagni angle Via Veneto
Piazza Del Colosseo angle Via Capo D'africa
Piazza Fiume Fronte Via Salaria angle Via Piave
Piazza G.G. Belli angle Piazza Sonnino
Piazza San Silvestro in front of Bus stations n°24 to 35
Piazzale Ostiens

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