Shopping in Rome in Italy

Needless to say, Rome is a very easy city to spend your money and have fun.

You will already find plenty of shops to your liking in Via del Corso, Rome's big central street that starts from Plaza del Popolo to reach Piazza Venezia.

But if you want to find a few small shops outside of those of the big brands that often simply do “photocopying” from one store to another, here are some of our favourite addresses in Rome.

The Boudoir

Le Boudoir is a tiny women's fashion boutique that creates its own original and really beautiful dresses at friend prices (about €100 for a dress). Near Sant' Angello Bridge.

You will also find fashion accessories, scarves, T-shirts, belts and a few handbags. All very tasteful.
Via del Governo Vecchio, 20a - Roma

Crescenzi 25

Sweaters, trousers, skirts and fashion accessories at low prices and quality in this small shop near the Pantheon.
Salita de' Crescenzi, 25 - 00186 Roma

Ida Macalle

A women's fashion boutique a little more luxury but with quality and original clothes. Close to the Hall of Fame.
Via della Rotonda, 3 - Roma


Women's fashion shop a little more luxury with quality clothes. Near the Pantheon.
Via del Pantheon, 46 - 00186 Roma

Libellula Veneziana

Two shops, near Campo dei Fiori and Piazza di Spagna. Women's fashion clothes at prices on sale.
Via della Croce, 74 - 00187 Roma
Via dei Buallari, 135 - 00186 Roma

Shoes Elisheva

Roman shoes, homemade, elegant and quality at normal price. Near Campo dei Fiori.
Via de Baullari, 19 - Roma
Closed on Saturday but open on Sunday

Toys and Game Library Amelie

Real playful toys that do not necessarily need batteries! A large selection and real tips, also a playday nursery for the little ones. Near Piazza del Popolo. Open every day.
Via del Vantaggio, 22b - 0186 Roma

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