Rome Useful and Practical, Good Addresses and Tips

Rome is both a simple city to understand in terms of convenience and transport, with a unique transport ticket, long and easy streets to travel, and a relatively dense bus, metro and tram network covering the essentials of Rome.

However, simplicity stops in the face of the dimensions of the city. The seemingly complete bus network becomes complicated to understand, too many lines, intertwining, requiring changes, etc.

And if once in Rome you can get around, you must also be able to get there, by train, plane or car.

Transport in Rome

Plane, Metro, Bus, Train, Luggage Storage, Taxi, Car and Parking, Rome by Bike, Segway and Vespa

Finally, Rome is a capital, an opportunity to go shopping.

Useful Information in Rome

Tourist Office

Emergency Call Numbers

In case of emergency, composed 112 for Carabinieri, Police, Ambulances or Firefighters.
Municipal Police: 0667691
Prefecture of Police: 0646861
Road Police: 06 22101

Lost Objects Found in Rome

Roma Capital: 06 67693214

Oppose your Master Card in case of theft

How to oppose your credit card in case of theft: Instructions and phone numbers for Master Card cards.

Oppose your Visa Card in case of theft

If your Visa card is stolen in Italy, call 800-819-014 to oppose. You can also call directly to the corresponding department of your bank in your own country.

Visa page with instructions in case of theft of your Visa card.

Call numbers if your credit card is lost or stolen

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you must call the following numbers to block it:
American Express: 0672282
Diner's Club: 800864064

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