Museums and Palaces of Rome in Italy

COVID Museums and Churches in Rome Reservations Required
Prior bookings are mandatory or advised to meet COVID security standards.

Skip-the-line and Pass tickets are considered bookings and guarantee entry.

The number of entries is limited per day. So even if you line up at the ticket office (attention many are closed like for example the Colosseum and buying online is the only option), you will not be sure to be able to enter the same day or the next day.

Discover the Treasures of Rome

Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoe, the Creation of Adam, in the Vatican City in Rome
Michelangelo Sistine, Creation of Adam
If you were to visit a single museum in Rome, it is obviously and without hesitation the Vatican Museum that you should visit.

Only the Sistine Chapel, which is part of the Vatican Museums, is worth the trip to Rome alone.

But if you add dozens of rooms, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Greek and Roman Sculptures, the Art Gallery and its masterpieces, the coach room, etc.

Rome also has other quality museums including the beautiful Capitoline museums that present both ancient masterpieces, but also a beautiful picture gallery with Caravaggio, Veronese, Rubens and Velásquez.

Museums, Palaces and Churches Tickets

Vatican Museum+Sistine Chapel 19,90€ Information”
Borghese Gallery 27€ Information”
Château Saint-Ange 21€ Information”
Skip the line Palais Barberini + Corsini 13,7€ Information”
Skip the Line Palace Doria Pamphilj 22€ Information”
Skip the Line Palace Colonna Gallery 14,3€ Information”
Leonardo da Vinci Museum 9€ Information”
Wax Museum of Rome 8€ Information”
Basilica of St. John Lateran 10€ Information”
Visit Church Four Saints Crowned 55€ Information”

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